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Los Angeles Magazine

Q&A: The Deputy Who Disappeared (Nov. 2015)

Writer Claire Martin speaks with executive editor Matthew Segal about her November issue longread on Jon Aujay, who has been missing since 1998

The New York Times

Wearing Your Failures on Your Sleeve (Nov. 2014)

Five years ago, Cassandra Phillipps founded FailCon, a one-day conference in San Francisco celebrating failure. Discouraged by a growing chorus of start-up founders promoting their triumphs throughout Silicon Valley, and nervous about her own prospects as an entrepreneur, she craved the stories of people who had flopped.

The New York Times

Authenticity, Repurposed, in a Mason Jar (Aug. 2014)

Maybe you’ve sipped a beer from a Mason jar. Or fished out a pickle swimming in brine from one. Or dined under illuminated clusters of them, dangling in chandelier formation, at a restaurant — especially if you dined in Brooklyn.

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